Project Manager

Project Manager

This job is in San Diego, CA:

Franklin Wireless ( is seeking an entry-level Project Manager. We are looking for eager candidates that are already actively looking to enter and be engaged in the wireless technology community.

Job Requirements Include:

a.) Developing and maintaining and work closely with our carrier customers and their customers to ensure their requirements and specifications are understood and met.
Collaborate with engineering to ensure all customers’ requirements and specifications are understood.

b.) Develop and manage the forward and reverse logistics procedures for the company including statistical analysis of returns

c.) Coordinate with carriers and testing houses to take Franklin’s products successfully through certification and acceptance process.

Coordinate with and provide support to our Sales and Marketing team to ensure successful product launches, presentation, and customer training and after-sales services.

d.) Support Q/A, field testing of products and working with our manufacturer to ensure the quality of our products.

This person should have technical knowledge in the different wireless technologies listed above. Have good verbal communication and writing skills, proficient in all the usual computer software such as windows, office, power point, etc. Excellent PowerPoint skill preferred.

At least 2 years of college in any of the following fields Computer Science, MIS, or Electrical Engineering degrees are preferred but not required.

Some travel including overnight may be required from time to time in order to meet the needs of the project.

Send your resume and your salary range in word format.