Reverse Logistics Assistant – Part Time approximately 20 hours / week

Reverse Logistics Assistant – Part Time approximately 20 hours / week

This job is in San Diego, CA:

Reverse Logistics Assistant (Part Time approximately 20 hours / week ) 

RMA receiving – logging / scanning / cleaning / repairing Involves cutting boxes open, separating RMA/DOA devices, scanning barcodes to capture returns data into our excel file, tagging returns. In addition, involves repairing cosmetic defects on NTF devices; such as LCD’s, front covers, back covers, missing rubber components and removing labels in addition to cleaning with alcohol. Some devices may require software re-flashing prior to returning.

Creating returns data templates for new models, updating return quantities, downloading return codes data from Customer website to Weekly Customer empty container returns
Involves packaging of Customer pelican swollen battery containers and reporting to Customer before shipping back to them for synchronization purposes.

Weekly RMA for our small sales channels returns – Involves replacing front covers devices, obtain correct software flashing, updating RMA files and notifying customers when shipping back replacement units, working with Paula to ship out replacement devices. Tracking of open RMA orders and issuing RMA numbers to customers after reviewing return reasons.

Weekly Trash Runs- breaking down cardboard boxes.

Bi-Monthly – Manufacturer  RMA returns – shipping all defective devices for warranty repairs— Involves scanning IMEI numbers into an excel file along with Franklin Wireless defect codes, return dates, RMA/DOA type and special instructions for Manufacturer . Devices must be boxed up along with a commercial invoice and packing slip.


E-mail exchanges with Manufacturer in terms of status updates for returns, resolving credit issues, resolving out of warranty and design issues, reviewing files with technical data regarding failure codes. In addition, we must segregate swollen battery devices and ship them to FTI, NOT Manufacturer.

Need to keep track of device quantity shipped to Manufacturer versus the device quantity shipped back to Franklin from Manufacturer.

Daily iloome / order pulling-involves pulling daily iloome sales orders, cycle counts for inventory control, receiving inspection for iloome deliveries, physical inventory, and help resolve inventory discrepancies.

Weekly iloome / sales file-involves updating an excel file to keep track of on hand inventory and weekly sales to support inventory deductions.

Working with Customer to implement new RMA process and pricing for future models.
Involves pricing for out of warranty repairs, NTF processing costs, requesting price quotes from Manufacturer for Franklin Wireless repair costs, etc

Skills needed high school graduate / GED or Technical Certification in related discipline. Ability to work on their own yet be team oriented, attention to detail a must, good manual dexterity and proficient in the usual office programs.