Vehicle Diagnostic Solution

Vehicle Diagnostic Solution

The Franklin Vehicle Diagnostics Solution (VDS) offers GPS tracking, automated vehicle diagnosis, driving analysis and remote vehicle management via a cloud-base web solution. Customers can easily install the OBDII/GPS adapter into their vehicle.

Our solution enables vehicle operation management, location monitoring, remote diagnosis and assists for emergency response.



Door Lock Status(Lock/Unlock)

Fuel level
Speed & RPM
Battery (Voltage)

Vehicle Control

Door Lock/Unlock
Emergency Light
Start Relay (Use Smart Key)

How It Works


Key Features

  • OBDII/ GPS-embedded vehicle smart tracking
  • Comprehensive scheme of vehicle diagnostics & graphic UI analysis
  • Wi-Fi & Cellular connection for data transmission
  • Alert & warning message from diagnosis reports
  • Support for Android and iOS


      • Cost saving through optimized vehicle operation and maintenance
      • Preventive diagnosis and vehicle management
      • Driving behavior and pattern analysis
      • Vehicle location tracking and emergency response
      • Vehicle history control with easily accessible maintenance reports